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Evolution Botany Printed & Classnote INR   1500 INR  1500

Evolution Botany Printed & Classnote

*Material covers all the syllabus of IAS and IFoS in a highly focused manner as per the pattern established by the last 10 years of examination papers. * All contents prepared by the faculty drawn the premier institute like JNU, DU,IRAI, FRI and other premier universities. *Materials are the same as provided in Class room programmes. * Hundred of books journals, magazines and web resources refernced while preparing the the material. Materials consists of the following topics :- Plant Anatomy Economic Botany Plant Physiology- Mineral Nutrition Plant Physiology – Ethylene,ABA,Cytokinins, Fruit Physiology ,Seed Physiology Cell Biology – Vesicular Transport ,Lysosome ,Endosomes ,Peroxisomes. Applied Ecology Ecology (Systems) Taxonomy. Algae Botany Bryophytes Plant Physiology- Lecture supplement – 1 & 2 Pteriodophytes Gymnosperm. Plant Physiology- Lipid Metabolism

INR 1500 INR 1500


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