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Sociology A Textbook Useful for UGC NET by Kumar Raka INR   650 INR  600

Sociology A Textbook Useful for UGC NET by Kumar Raka

As per the revised examination pattern by CBSE/UGC in 2018, the Subject (Paper II) will consist of 100 multiple choice questions carrying 200 marks. All the question of paper II will be compulsory, covering entire syllabus of earlier Paper II & Paper III (including all the electives, without any options).Accordingly for better preparation the book is divide into four sections: 'Section A' covers the Paper II of syllabus. 'Section B' of the book deals with the Syllabus of Paper III(A). 'Section C' of the book covers the Syllabus of Paper III (B). The Last 'Section D' of the book records important concepts, books, authors and five practice sets of MCQ and solved papers of more than previous ten years. *Updated to Follow the latest examination trends and highly recommended for NET/SET, civil and state service examinations, universities and colleges, service commission tests and more.*

INR 600 INR 650


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